Micro Drip is a drip irrigation company that develops and provides products and services as poverty alleviation solutions to farmers in Pakistan’s arid regions.  MD will provide a complete drip irrigation system along with
agricultural training and after-sales support to enable farmers to extract a higher yield from their land at a much lower cost of input. MD believes that all farmers are entitled to products and services that give them the opportunity to be productive, live with dignity and be free of debt.  By viewing poor farmers as potential consumers and not just recipients of charity, MD provides them the opportunity to become independent local entrepreneurs.
The system that MD provides is simple to deploy in the field, easy to use, and can be maintained with a minimal amount of technical knowledge.  The company plans to target poorer farmers who have a limited amount of land to
work with, and need to maximize their yield using constrained inputs. The company will initially focus its efforts in Tharparkar, but later plans to extend its operations across Sindh and eventually throughout Pakistan. The main benefits of MD’s drip irrigation system are water and agricultural savings for the farmer at a low capital cost.  Drip irrigation has also traditionally proven to significantly increase yields. Through its ecologically sustainable and affordable products
and services, MD strives to provide the farmer a greener future with every drop.  



MD will scale in the following pattern over the next few years