Micro Drip plans to scale in the following pattern over the next few years:

  • Phase 1: Launch & Brand Building (2007): Micro Drip's focus in the first year of its operations is to conduct successful pilot demonstrations (to develop comfort with the drip irrigation technology's application), build a pioneer market, and develop a cost-effective and scalable operational model for expansion. The company will focus primarily in the Tharparkar and Umerkot regions- where its presence is strongest, targeting primarily progressive farmers who are willing to test new agricultural technologies within TRDP's network.   These pilots will be used as a commercial "proof of concept" with the broader market.  As of June 2007, the initial pilot demonstrations have been completed and MD has commenced generating actual sales.
  • Phase 2: Development (2008): Once a basic customer base has been established, MD will begin to market more aggressively in and beyond TRDP's network, as well as to expand geographically in other regions where TRDP operates- Dadu, Jamshoro and Khairpur, along with Hyderabad and surrounding regions.   It will also being to tap TRDP and UAC networks (private and public) to create a pipeline for further expansion.
  • Phase 3: Expansion (2009 onwards): In Phase 3, Micro Drip aims to scale-up, continuing to focus on the small and poor farmer, but expanding well beyond TRDP's geographic coverage regions.   The exact timing of scale for MD will depend upon its ability to meet key business objectives during the first two phases. During Phase 3, the initial focus will be on Sindh and then eventually all of Pakistan, gradually establishing a solid market presence wherever it goes.   Micro Drip will then extend its market access to the rest of Pakistan leveraging its strong linkages with TRDP's sister Rural Support Programs across Pakistan -which have nearly [1.5] million households within their network- as well as other private and public institutional channels.