To develop and provide low-cost irrigation solutions to small and poor farmers in Pakistan’s arid regions as instruments of poverty alleviation and to maximize field returns. 

Through its mission, Micro Drip aims to develop and provide drip irrigation technology to improve the social and economic conditions of poor farmers and offer them an opportunity to look forward to a better lifestyle. 

à To empower poor and small land holding farmers with more control over income generation
à Improve access to water by reducing dependency on rain water
à Provide poor farmers with affordable, efficient and water-saving products for agriculture
à Introduce drip irrigation to Pakistan using a sustainable approach

The Micro Drip project is a result of Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP) and Unilever Pakistan’s efforts (with management support and facilitation from Acumen Fund) to bring International Development Enterprise-India (IDEI)’s affordable and high-impact irrigation solutions in the arid regions of Pakistan. 
Micro Drip was managed initially by TRDP Equity, which also provided human resources in the form of seconded staff and logistical support.  While TRDP remains the driving force behind the initiative, both Acumen Fund and Unilever have respectively helped incubate the project through intellectual support and funding of 40 demonstration drip irrigation systems, each 1 acre in size.
Unilever, having provided pilot funding for demonstration sites in Thar, introduced TRDP to Acumen Fund in order to further the Micro Drip project.  Acumen Fund partnered with TRDP in 2005 to develop and build Micro Drip.  Acumen Fund provided management support for the development of the company, along with staff training, resource sharing and financial investment. 

With dedicated management support from Acumen Fund and TRDP, Micro Drip has developed into a successful business model for targeting grassroots level clients nation-wide.