We provide affordable, water-saving Drip Irrigation technology as our main product, along with Agricultural Training and thorough After-Sales Support as additional services.  We are committed to exceptional standards of quality and productivity, as well as to dedicated customer service and support. 


A drip irrigation system setup at a demonstration site in Nagarparkar

Drip irrigation systems around the world are generally used in areas which have a shortage of water or where farmers are water-conscious.  Drip irrigation is a method of providing water directly to the root of the plant in small, calculated drops.  Since it requires no mechanical parts, Micro Drip’s technology is much simpler than traditional drip systems that require heavy pumps and machinery to function. 

In regions where drip irrigation has been successful, data has historically showed that output had increased by about 2 to 3 times when compared with the traditional flood irrigated system. Flood irrigation is the most common irrigation method used in Thar after rain-fed farming.